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Welcome to H.S. Chapman Society, Australia

Men and women from all walks of life and all political parties, or none, met in the Square House of the University of New South Wales on November 9, 1996 to found the H.S.Chapman Society

They were all victims of, or witnesses of, electoral fraud concerned that the 1983-4 changes to the Commonwealth Electoral Act by Labor’s Mick Young MP, Senators Ray and Richardson, (the ‘Fixer” ), "would ‘ensure Labor would stay in power as long as possible and make it as difficult as possible to change it." (Whatever It Takes - Memories by Graham Richardson).


Save Our Sovereign Parliament
from chaos
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A new Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) took over the old pyramid of power, based on managing both the electoral roll and elections, in 1984. Almost at once the AEC in Canberra began to reverse that pyramid of power to co-locate DRO’s and render the system more complex, obscure and impotent and its evolving revolutionary new system incompetent to keep a honest roll or election. 

The AEC’s new pyramid of power began to crumble slowly from the start and its management to become more and more centralized and, in the process, dismissive, defensive, obstructive and adversarial in denial of an increase in fraud from its new ‘user-friendly’ system.  Critics found themselves exposed to campaigns against their business, livelihood and reputation in and out of parliament. Politicians in marginal seats went in fear of losing their seats.  

The often Labor-friendly journalist, Laurie Oakes, leapt to the defence of critics in 1989.. “Is organized fraud conspiracy? It was never called ‘conspiracy in the past in the unions. Just old-fashioned ‘ballot-rigging’…Those, who were fighting to ‘clean up’ union elections were not, branded ‘fundamentalists’ only Fascists or reactionary ‘rightists’. And that by the Communists and ‘fellow-travelers’ they were trying to oust, whose only method of argument was argument by abuse.

“Yet that is exactly what happens today to anyone who dares to suggest that parliamentary elections may need cleaning up, may even possibly have become a new happy hunting ground of  ‘ballot-riggers’.’Those, who offer this opinion, or any other opinion alleging defects in the electoral system, should be entitled to do so without running the gauntlet of abuse or damaging false attacks (Bulletin November 1989).” 

 Dr. Amy McGrath OAM wrote two books - The Forging of Votes 1995 about union fraud in the Federated Ironworkers Union, and The Frauding of Votes 1996 about parliamentary fraud. About the ‘user-friendly’ reforms of 1984 she said:   “The Electoral Act has been degraded. The floodgates to manipulation and fraud have been opened. Democracy has been debauched. The electoral law is now an ass. The Courts of Disputed Returns today serve to protect fraud rather than democracy (Corrupt Elections- Experiences of Ballot Rigging H.S. Chapman Society 1997 p.116.)”

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"That the electoral system is open to manipulation is beyond question
 ... Fraudulent enrolment is almost impossible to prevent."

(NSW Electoral Commissioners, Messrs R. Cundy and Ian Dickson, NSW Government Inquiry 1989)

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