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Postal Voting

     Postal voting is a massive gateway to electoral fraud

The H.S. Chapman Society invited Richard Mawrey QC to Australia in February 2010. He had presided as Election Commissioner in an election court, concerning a Birmingham Council election, which exposed massive, systematic and organised fraud of at least 2,500 fraudulent votes.  It did so because the Labor Rudd government had predicated a review of our entire electoral system in its Electoral Reform Green Paper Strengthening Australian Democracy ‘there is no evidence of widespread subversion of electoral laws in Australia.’  

It is therefore relevant for the Chapman Society to consider particulars of the fraud and malpractice, exposed by Richard Mawrey QC in his trials of two Petitions concerning wards of the Birmingham Council, first Bordesley Green and then Aston, between 21st February and 22nd March 2005, delivered in a single judgment handed down on 4th of April 2005.

The allegations were that “the Labour Party Respondents and their agents engaged in massive, systematic and organised fraud whereby literally thousands of bogus Labour votes were recorded and counted.”

In Richard Mawrey QC’s Afterword to his judgment he said:

Section 714 “In this judgment I have set out at length what has clearly been shown to be the weakness of the current law relating to postal votes. As some parts of this judgment may be seen as critical of the Government, I wish to make it clear that the responsibility for the present unsatisfactory situation must be shared. All political parties welcomed and supported postal voting on demand. Until very recently, none has treated electoral fraud as representing  a problem." 

Section 715 “Apart from the Electoral Commission, whose role I have described above, the only voices raised against the laxity of the system have been in the media, in particular The Times newspaper, and the tendency of politicians of all Parties has been to dismiss these warnings as scaremongering."  

Section 715 “In the course of preparing my judgment, my attention was drawn to what I am told is an official Government statement about postal voting which I hope I quote correctly: “There are no proposals to change the rules governing election procedures for the next election, including those for postal voting. The systems already in place to deal with the allegation of electoral fraud are clearly working."

Section 716 “Anybody, who has sat through the case I have just tried and listened to evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic, would find this statement surprising. To assert that: ‘The systems, already in place to deal with the allegations of electoral fraud are clearly working’, indicate a state not simply of complacency but of denial."  

Section 717 “The systems to deal with fraud are not working well. They are not working badly. The fact is that there are no systems to deal realistically with fraud and there never have been. Until there are, fraud will continue unabated.”

Australia was once unique for the world's first secret ballot system
that was adopted world wide was the Australian secret ballot
now it is unique
as the only country in the world where politicians are allowed
to interfere in elections as they do by canvassing for postal votes,
in ways that have sadly destroyed its former secrecy and now

it is the unique for the wrong reason.

Destruction of Australia’s Secret Ballot System  1990 – 2010

"That the electoral system is open to manipulation is beyond question
 ... Fraudulent enrolment is almost impossible to prevent."

(NSW Electoral Commissioners, Messrs R. Cundy and Ian Dickson, NSW Government Inquiry 1989)


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